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At NARLOA we always aim to be honest with our ingredients and minimal with how many ingredients we use.

In order to be as transparent as possible, we've added an Ingredients page to our website. On this page you can find every ingredient included in our products. That way, you can get a clearer understanding of exactly what's going on your skin.

Each ingredient is listed along with a super brief summary of what makes that ingredient special/ why it works well, a list of potential allergens and links to the products the ingredient is made with.

We think this is really useful, especially for customers with sensitive skin. Although we use less than 1% of essential oils in each product (to make it suitable for sensitive skin types), we have received questions in the past about naturally occurring allergens and skin sensitivity so we wanted to put them on full display to show which ingredients and which products contain specific allergens.

As mentioned, we use a minimal amount of essential oils in each blend to reduce the chances of irritation while still providing you with their multitude of therapeutic properties.

While it's an exhaustive list of ingredients, we really hope it's easy to digest and understand so that you can feel more comfortable and knowledgeable with your skincare choices.

If you still have any questions relating to ingredients, allergens or sensitive skin, please feel free to get in touch at


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