Do you ship internationally?

Yes - we ship worldwide! However due to Coronavirus, shipping domestically and internationally is taking longer than usual.

Is there a specific skincare routine I should follow?

Everyone's skin is different but we recommend these essential, basic, everyday steps:

  1. Cleanse (double cleansing with an oil cleanser followed by a water-based cleanser is best)
  2. Tone your skin (different skin types require different toners but it should ultimately rebalance your skin's pH level)
  3. Serum (accutely treats your skin depending on which one you choose)
  4. Moisturise (we love face oils because they are a great source of vitamins and fatty acids and perfect for locking in moisture and serum content)
  5. SPF (finally, always rememer to protect your skin to avoid sun damage)
It's also a good idea to mask and exfoliate a couple of times a week.

When will I see results?

Everyone's skin is completely different but we always recommend using our products daily/ regularly for at least a few weeks in order to start seeing results. It takes times for skincare to work, especially natural, plant-based skincare.

Returns policy?

Due to the handmade nature of our products and for hygiene reasons, we are unable to accept returns or exchanges at this time. If there is an issue with your order, please do get in touch and we'll see what we can do!

Are NARLOA products suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes! In fact, our whole skincare range is made with sensitive skin in mind. We use no toxins or irritable ingredients and we also limit the ratio of essential oils we use to make our products super gentle and mild.

Are NARLOA products fragranced?

No. We only use natural, botanical essential oils which carry active aromatherapy qualities and also have beautiful, light botanical aromas! We never ever use parfums/ synthetic/ traditional fragrances as these tend to irrirate skin.

Do NARLOA products come in glass?

We recently switched our three body oils from plastic to glass. Our three face oils also come in glass bottles, as does our cleansing oil. Our two toners, bath soak and face wash come in recyclable plastic.

Are all NARLOA products handmade?

Yes, everything is handmade apart from the Aloe + Lemon Face Wash. Because it contains water and preservatives, we wanted to make sure it was made in a lab for safety reasons. It has also been safety tested.

Are NARLOA products vegan-friendly?

Yes, all our products are vegan-friendly, plant-based and contain zero animal/insect derived ingredients.