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The beauty of shea butter

Our super fluffy, lightweight body mousse is made from a base of organic shea butter. Whipped to perfection, the mousse aims to nourish and soften dry and cracked skin.

We chose to formulate the mousse with shea butter because of it's powerful ability to rejuvenate and moisturise skin. Shea butter is extracted from the nut of the shea tree which naturally inhabits West Africa, and it is extensively used in Africa to protect skin and hair from the harsh sun and dry winds.

Shea butter is often considered a superfood for skin because of its high content of unsaturated fats - this fat content is responsible for the emollient and humectant nature of shea butter. This is why it is so good at locking in moisture and keeping skin hydrated for longer.

The shea butter we use in our Whipped Shea Mousse is unrefined without the addition of any chemicals or preservatives - this allows you to get the most out of the multipurpose ingredient in the most organic, natural and least processed way.

We recommend using our body mousse for:

• dry skin and eczema

• sun damage and minor sunburn

• dark spots, stretch marks, skin discolouration and blemishes

If you're looking for softer and smoother skin or aiming to improve the overall look of your skin’s texture, try our Whipped Shea Mousse. It's lovingly blended with carrier oils to feed your skin the good stuff.

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