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Overnight Citrus Serum Update

For those of you who have been buying our products for a while, you might have noticed our Overnight Citrus Serum has changed a little bit. It’s still the same product but with a couple of changes that I want to talk about.

The first big change is the name. We’ve decided to rename the product CITRUS BLEMISH OIL because we feel that this better describes the product and what it does. We removed the word "overnight" because we have reduced the ratio of citrus oils meaning the chance of phototoxicity is reduced, so feel free to use this product during the day if you prefer! It’s always a good idea to follow this oil with an SPF, especially if you’re going into the sun after using it.

The next change is the colour! Some of you may be used to a yellow colour but our Citrus Blemish Oil now has a lovely hint of green. This is because we’ve upped the amount of Tamanu in each bottle. Tamanu is well known for its ability to repair scarred and damaged skin while improving the appearance of marks and promoting a healthy complexion. It's a very healing ingredient and has powerful skin-regenerating properties that are often used to naturally repair skin.

If you suffer from blemishes, it’s really important not to dry them out. That’s why our Citrus Blemish Oil is the perfect blemish remedy for your skin. It contains lightweight, non pore-clogging Grapeseed, super healing Tamanu, antibacterial Tea Tree and a blend of citrus oils to naturally fade dark marks. These ingredients will keep your skin soft, supple and in optimum condition.


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